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The name:260x85(10") Foam Filled Wheelchair Wheel


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More stable tire pressure, greatly saving the human resources investmen
Completely avoid blowout occurred, greatly save cost
Compared with the solid rubber tire, polyurethane filled tires are more easy to recycle, more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly
Strengthening drum wheel, solid deformation, anti-skid tread, thick PU material, super wear-resistant, does not crack
260X85(10") foam filled wheelchair wheel

Tire Type Foam filled
Tire Size 260X85
Tire Diameter 10.27”
Tire Width 3.34"
Tire Color Black, red, blue, green, yellow etc
Tread Turf
Hub Length 2.25” offset
Bearing Size 5/8”, 3/4” 1/2”PBB/ CBB/ MB/POM
Rim Size 4
Item No. TF10UBC-W4M3S225OS34