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The name:Light Hand Pallet Truck Tires


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  • 1.lightweight
  • 2.For generator,machinery,carts.air compressor
  • 3.Roller bearing

We can manufacture the PU foamed and PU filled tires, our tires are mainly used on the hand truck, wheelbarrow, lawn mower, wheelchair and other mobility equipments. The tires are also called Carefree tires, Flat free tires, air free tires, never flat tires and puncture proof tires.

2.80/2.50-4 Light Hand Pallet Truck Tires
Tread Design diamond
Wheel Width 2.8"
Outer Diam. 9.2"
Color black
Type PU formed
Load Rating 280 lbs
Wheel Plastic
Hub 2.5"
Bearing 5/8"
Item No. PUL-F35